How to get it
Find out how, where and what you need to acquire a passport





The issuance of the temporary passport is always exceptional, and is only granted in cases where there is proven urgency in the issuance of a travel document and the need to obtain it in terms shorter than that stipulated by law.
This document can be issued on the day of travel and is valid for a maximum of one year.
The temporary passport is physically distinguishable from other passports issued to Portuguese citizens by having a dark blue cover, consisting of only eight pages, having a biographical page on security paper protected by a holographic laminate and a distinct personalization of the remaining family of passports. The temporary passport, because it is an emergency document, does not contain a contactless microchip and therefore is not an electronic document.

What you need

In accordance with article 13 of the Legal Regime or the granting of the Portuguese Electronic Passport - LRPEP, the rules established for the Regular Passport also apply to the Temporary Passport, with some necessary adaptations. Nevertheless, there are some specific elements required for any request for the granting of a Temporary Passport:

  1. Identity Card/Citizen Card;
  2. Two current colour passport photographs with a plain background;
  3. A duly completed application form for a Temporary Passport;
  4. A document justifying the urgent and exceptional nature of the application (e.g. failure to obtain a Regular Passport in good time);
  5. In the case of a Passport for a minor, invalid or disabled person, it is also necessary to present a document establishing parental authority, custody or guardianship.

Where you can apply for the Passport

The temporary passport can be requested within the national territory, at the border posts of Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada and at the Passport Outlet in Vilar Formoso. Abroad, issuing authority lies with Portuguese consular authorities.

Price and validity

The maximum validity of a Temporary Passport is one year and its issuance attracts a fee of 150 euros.


A Temporary Passport issued on the day of travel is valid for a maximum of one year and the applicant must ensure that the Temporary Passport is accepted in the country of destination.

The Temporary Passport must be replaced by a Regular Passport as soon as possible, even if within the validity period.