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Diplomatic Passport (DP)

The granting, issuing and use of the diplomatic passport are regulated by specific legislation.

Decree-Law no. 383/2007 of 16 November establishes the legal regime for the granting, issuing and use of the Portuguese diplomatic passport.

The diplomatic passport confers on its holder the rights and responsibilities applicable to diplomatic agents and internationally protected persons in national and international law.

The granting of diplomatic passports to entities referred to in Article 2 [number 1 (a) to (n)] of the aforementioned decree does not need to be authorised; the passport must be requested by the diplomatic service to the State Protocol, accompanied by a document proving the position held.

The granting of diplomatic passports to the entities referred to in article 2 [number 1 (o) and (p) and number 2] and in articles 3 and 4 of the decree referred to above shall be the responsibility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; the responsibility may be delegated to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except in the case of issuance to the same, through a request addressed to the State Protocol.

See the legal act.